bunnyb was founded and is owned by Izzie B who lives in Hong Kong and has worked in the paper product industry for 25 years. Along side Melanie Johnson who has designed the products and Karen Wilbourn of Quack Media (UK) bunnyb has been launched.

bunnyb has been developed as a spin off from 'The Sweet Potatoes Club', cute stories you can download on your Amazon Kindle.

Izzie has spent her working life manufacturing paper product in China with annual visits to the UK. After many years of wanting to create her own brand.

Through Izzie's expertise she has devised designed and developed this high quality range of stationery for women and children. Stocked by UK retailers, overseas exporters and for sale online direct to public.

bunnyb has offices in the UK and China. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


If you would like to discuss licensing opportunities with us for the characters used in bunnyb and Sweet Potatoes Club, it would be great to hear from you! Please email the address on our Contact page.

Visit us on Thursday 3rd October at the Brand Licensing Show, please contact us to book an appointment.

All products are shipped/posted direct from Hong Kong around the world. Please contact us if you have any questions.

bunnyb is part of The Sweet Potatoes Club

We also hope you enjoy our stories..

Our journey begins with An B the dog, No. 8 the rabbit, Kara the monkey, and Super IV the panda. They are brothers and sisters that come from the Sweet Potatoes World. 

An B and No. 8 are baby twins. They both love eating red carrots and chewing bones. The colour of their complexion changes with their mood: when they are happy, their skin is rosy pink; when they are unhappy, their skin becomes transparent so that their friends would not be able to see them. When they play cool, they become all black.  

Super IV the panda – Super IV hatched in a heart-shaped needleless cactus in a garden. Her birth mark is the heart-shaped nose to memorialize the place of her birth.  Super likes singing and Tai Chi.